Contest terms & conditions
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Contest terms & conditions

Contest is starting for a Vicious Ant 18650,a Vicious Ant Primo and a SX Mini G-Class

The biggest contest in Greece with gifts that costs over 1500 euros.
In order to participate in the contest you have to follow some steps:

Τerms of participation:
-Like our page 
-Like the photos
-Make 1 share
-3 tags 
-Leave a comment with your name at the contest’s photo

The first winner will get one Vicious Ant 18650 Stabwood Mod
The second winner will get one Vicious Ant Primo Stabwood Mod
The third winner will get one SX Mini G-Class

The draw will take place in Friday, December 15 and time 12.00 a.m., when the winner will be announced.


General terms

The «KARAGIANNIS P. – POPORIS A. – SPYLIOTOPOULOS E. O.E.» company that deals with the sale of vaping products, (hereafter as «» or as Organizing Company), runs this specific promotional act through its facebook page with gifts (hereafter as«Gifts») the following products:
1 x Vicious Ant 18650 Stabwood Mod
1 x Vicious Ant Primo Stabwood Mod
1 x SX Mini G-Class

Employees of «», their relatives of first and second grade and their spouses are excluded.

The duration of the contest is set on 15/11/2017 with the post of this specific announcement on until the 15/12/2017 when it will be completed.

For the participation in the contest is not required to buy a product. For the participation is needed the following:
a)visit “Vapeland’s” page on facebook ( and 
b) leave a comment under the referred post with his name on. Out of the contest will come three winners.

The participations that will submit under the date limit will be considered as valid and the comments / replies do not cause public indecency and do not insult the principles of morality or include abusive content of the pride and dignity (against Public or Administrative or Church Authority or any other person), do not include abusive, inflammatory, racist content that offends human dignity and creates discriminations against humans with different race or nationality, religious or any other believes, disability, age or sexual orientation, or oppose the current provisions or are undesirable in any other way.

The “Vapeland” company does not bare any responsibility for the users’ comments. Any of the participants can be canceled from the contest at any time if he does not fulfill the terms of the contest.

The winners will be announced with a post on “Vapeland’s” facebook page and they will have to send us their personal information on our e-mail address in order to take care of the delivery of the products.

For any difference might comes up between a participant and “Vapeland”, competent courts are the Courts of Athens.