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Our position on the market today:

Current market conditions make every business move precarious. The continuous development of our network in recent years despite the intensification of the domestic crisis (2010-2014) is a guarantee for each of our prospective partners in the right and secure direction of their business. In the current era where, prior to the decision, the consumer is first informed on the internet, it is important to understand quickly and clearly what is the electronic cigarette and the choices he has. That is why we are constantly trying to simplify the content of our website and in cooperation with experienced technicians and developers, constantly updating with new products, the result is always at the top of Google search results when user searches for electronic cigarette.

The reasons for our success in today's market:

Careful steps in network growing by planning.

Each business in our franchise has a different field of business action that results from the design and analysis of the local market research, with key roles in respecting each partner and the absolute security of his investment.

High quality products at competitive prices.

The experience of our company combined with our know-how in the field of electronic cigarette gives us the opportunity to choose products from all over the world and at the same time gives a comparative advantage to our associates to provide high quality products at the most competitive prices.

Uniqueness of concept and philosophy of shops and products.
The idea and philosophy of our stores is simple and straightforward.

"We do not market products we would not use ourselves." 

 The know-how we provide through the integrated education process enables our associates to provide the most demanding customer with a large number of e-cigarette products available worldwide. Moreover, the variety, the prices and the excellent quality of the products of our stores are addressed to every consumer regardless of gender and economic level, thus drawing in this way from the entire consumer pie. Finally, the combination of colors as well as the modern architectural design and layout of our stores make them accessible and particularly appealing to all.
Continuous investment in the know-how of the electronic cigarette.
Our company constantly invests in the knowledge and know-how of the electronic cigarette travelling around the world to broaden its horizons. Exclusive cooperation with leading Greek and foreign manufacturers makes us the only Greek franchise company with the most complete high level knowledge in electronic cigarette as we participate in research projects and we work with the best brands of electronic cigarette worldwide. All this accumulated knowledge is transformed into enormous strength in the hands of each partner through the ongoing training and support of shops. 

Economic crisis:

The economic crisis and prolonged recession led to a new category of consumers, the thinking consumer. It is a fact, that the times when consumers paid unreasonable goodwill for products have gone irrevocably. A consumer nowadays gives importance even to the smallest amount of money available, but without doing any discount at the quality he is looking for. This category of consumers is also the one that has given us the clear superiority over today's competition, since the relationship between quality and price in the products of our chain is unrivaled and is, for us, the main pillar of growth, which is clearly demonstrated by the rapid growth of our network. 

In full correspondence with the above, the economic crisis has also led to the thinking bussinessman, who carefully calculates the parameters and the conditions under which he is invited to invest in today's uncertain landscape. Our company, relying on this category of entrepreneurs, has drawn and continues to draw the bulk of its associates by removing them from deadlocks in troubled businesses and unemployment, giving them the opportunity and the way out for a safe and healthy business action with one relatively low initial capital, with direct profitability and rapid depreciation of the investment capital.

Comparative advantages of the Vapeland franchise:

Absence of royalties on business operations' Circle.

Our company, in the context of absolute respect for our associates, requires zero percentages on the turnover of businesses, resulting in 100% of the profitability of each business being managed and harnessed only by each partner!
No requirements for minimum orders.
Our company has no claim for minimum orders at regular intervals, thus giving the possibility and flexibility to each partner for absolute freedom for the quantities and frequency of supply of the product codes that will be required based on the actual of the needs and demand of the consumer only (supply on demand).
Full freedom in choosing the construction crews of the business.
The absolute respect for our associates is clear and clear from the beginning. Our company, chooses to give absolute freedom to its partner to choose the workshops of his business, by giving him all the help in the evaluation of the financial offers of construction, always moves towards minimizing investment costs and maximizing the savings required for business resources to the benefit of its partners.
Close personal relationships with each partner separately.
Our company, respecting its absolute conscientiousness and accountability, honoring each partner's choice for network membership, and wanting to honor the high expectations she has set herself by always putting the bar in the highest position, is facing each of her partners individually as a member of a real family, at every stage and stage of her long-term co-operation with him.

Why Vapeland;

  • Low investment cost with rapid depreciation
  • Direct profitability
  • Excellent products at competitive prices
  • Continuous training and store support
  • Personal relationships of respect and trust with each partner separately

They say about us:

Panagiotis Markakis

Store Owner Glyfada (Gounari 52 Ano Glyfada).

Our 2012 partnership began with the Vapeland chain.

At first we came in contact as customers and when we felt ready for our first business move, we became partners. Although there was no particular contact with vaping business, the approach with the vaping attracted our interest. Having our company every day next to us in all our steps from the first moment, we feel safe and support for the difficulties we encounter. Vapeland describes an excellent professional choice combined with the normal settings in which the initial cost fluctuates. The high-quality products that we have been getting from the beginning of our cooperation to the present day as well as our continuous training have contributed substantially to our success.

George Misiakas 

Owner of St. Stephanos shop.

After several years in the field of real estate construction, a turning point has taken place in a completely new, for me, professional space, that of electronic cigarette.

In mid-2012 we opened Vapeland in the St. Stephanos area. A bold move for the city as the world did not know enough about the electronic cigarette. Today and after a lot of effort, I have felt that I made a good move by changing the way of thinking of the local community. The city has embraced us & everyone confesses that there was no e-cigar shop. With the help of the company that is always beside me, I seek everyday the best for my clients. I consider my choice as best business, according to the proportions, based on the professional perspectives that open up in the city I operate. Moreover, reaching the present day, the investment-revenue ratio is already very good & tends to improve if you think we are still a new business.

How to become a partner:

Although current market conditions make every business move unsafe, the continued successful and dynamic growth of our network over the past four years is a guarantee for each of our potential partners in the right and safe direction of our business.

With high-quality products at the most competitive prices, uniqueness in the philosophy of our stores and products, and continuous investment in the know-how of the electronic cigarette, the Vapeland chain of stores extends carefully the development of its network based on its strategic design.
It is the best partner for the thinking entrepreneur, offering the opportunity for a safe and healthy business action, with direct profitability, quick capital depreciation, relatively low initial capital.
Vapeland is the most integrated business solution:

  • Respect for the consumer, with high quality products
  • Close personal relationships with each franchisee separately
  • Absence of Royalties on business turnover
  • No requirements for minimum orders
  • Continuous Research & Development
  • Continuous investment in the know-how of the electronic cigarette 
  • Investing in the proper training of our partners

For more information and for the necessary financial information of your company, in order to proceed with the joint evaluation of the prospects for cooperation, please contact us at