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Elixir Flavor Shots - Crude 20ml to 120ml

Elixir Flavor Shots - Crude 20ml to 120ml
Elixir Flavor Shots - Crude 20ml to 120ml
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Elixir Flavor Shots - Crude 20ml to 120mlThe product is diluted with PG.

The series Elixir Flavor Shots by Infamous Liquids gives you the opportunity to create your favorite e-liquid just by adding your preffered base. 


Crude concentrate: The refreshing taste of Lemon Cola in a concentrate that will leave wanting more.


VG,PG and nicotine booster mixing tables

VG/PG 70/30                                                                                           

Target Nicotine / ml VG PG Nic booster 18mg 100% VG
0mg 84ml 16ml -
3mg 64ml 16ml 20ml
6mg 44ml 16ml 40ml
9mg 24ml 16ml 60ml
12mg 4ml 16ml 80ml


VG/PG 65/35

Target Nic / ml VG PG Nic Booster 18mg 100%  VG
0mg 78ml 22ml -
3mg 58ml 22ml 20ml
6mg 38ml 22ml 40ml
9mg 18ml 22ml 60ml
12mg - 20ml 80ml

VG/PG 60/40

Target Nic / ml VG PG Nic Booster 18mg 100% VG
0mg 72ml 28ml -
3mg 52ml 28ml 20ml
6mg 32ml 28ml 40ml
9mg 12ml 28ml 60ml
12mg - - -


VG/PG 50/50

Target Nic / ml VG PG Nic Booster 18mg 100%  VG
0mg 60ml 40ml -
3mg 40ml 40ml 20ml
6mg 20ml 40ml 40ml
9mg - 40ml 60ml
12mg - - -



The e-liquid needs 48 hours steeping period. For even better results you can extend the steeping period from 15 to 20 days.

Attention: Do not vape without using an electronic cigarette base.

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