A "scientific" study is being withdrawn from time to time
Fake News, supposedly science and ultimately false alarms from "independent" scientists who attributed the blows to their users on the electronic cigarette.

About 7 months ago, a large American scientific study was published, and it sparked headlines around the world where "the electronic cigarette doubles the chances of its users having a heart attack"

Eventually, this study was withdrawn from its scientific journal, with announcements referring to unreliable and unrealistic results!
Or else, quite simply, the people who conducted the study with a sample of 38 users of the e-cigarette came to their conclusions by blaming the vaporization of the e-cigarettes, which it turned out, the users suffered before even knowing what the e-cigarette was!

All of the above, of course, came as no surprise to people who follow the science and credible studies of the issue, whose summary concludes that vapor is 95% less harmful than smoking.
Specifically, the study was withdrawn from the journal of the American Heart Association, which published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, and as stated in the announcement, although asked again to prove their findings, the study's authors failed, so the study failed, article retired!

Now, many scientists around the world are calling for further research by the same scientists on the electronic cigarette.
Also in their research, Bhatta and Glantz, from the University of California, which funded $ 20 million to investigate the effects of the electronic cigarette on public health, announced the above finding at a time that "suited" the presidency. Trump announces the ban on all refill fluid flavors, during a period of vaporous "hysteria" around hundreds of cases of lung disease.

That is at least the estimation of the USA Today newspaper.

Finally, as it has been officially proven and announced, these cases are not responsible for the normal use of the electronic cigarette, but the use of illegal drugs on the black market…