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01 Jul Five Pawns announcement
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As a pioneer in the vapor liquid industry, Five Pawns is committed to the quality of our vapor liquids. Our vision has always been long-term. We founded and built our company on the principle that one..
20 May Eleaf anouncement
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In recent months, many eLeaf iStick counterfeits appear on the market, which are of poor quality and unsafety. It has constituted a serious infringement on our legal rights as well as the legitimate i..
08 Apr Battery Mod safety Part 2
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Continuation of the previous article on the safe use of mechanical Mod: 1. Avoid installing the batteries in series (stacking).Unless you really know what you do, just do not.Stacking the battery mean..
04 Feb Communation mistakes regarding e-cigarettes
03 Dec E-cig studies and misinformation
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In recent days disseminated by the media some articles with a "scary" title eg in order to terrorize the world.Really have seen many research their results lead to "may"?It's really a shame because i..
27 Nov Battery Mod safety Part 1
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Mechanical Mods and SafetyIn this article we will talk talk about the proper use and safety of Mechanical Mods.This article is intended for new vapers who want to get their hands on their first mechan..
26 Nov Kayfun 4 Refilling the tank
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The new Svoemesto Kayfun 4 is finally here! In this video we can see how we can fill the Tank with fluid replacement...
23 Nov Interview for Dr. Farsalinos for e-cigarette
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Answers gives  Dr.Konstantinos Farsalinos, cardiologist and researcher at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens radio ANT1, where answers to many questions, rumorsand questions about the use of..
17 Nov Electronic Cigarette: Reliable, less harmful than traditional smoking
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The President of the Greek Association of Business Electronic Cigarette Mr. Dimitris Petropoulos in an interview in, explains that the electronic cigarette is a reliable Alternative solution..
18 Oct E-cigarrete explosions and misinformation
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An interesting video about e-cigarette explosion news from a vapor..
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A video teaser of the new Five Pawns eliquid:..
27 Sep E-cig VS Real Cigarette
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