Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA
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Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition

Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
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Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA Basic Edition
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Atmizoo Tripod 2 RTA

The great acceptance of the Tripod RTA, had brought much content to the Atmizone lab and the valuable input from numerous Tripod users joined the fresh ideas as to how a modern RTA should be, gave the answers to each and every design challenge that Atmizoo had to face. 

Best can actually get better and it has a name: Tripod2.

The deck
As the deck has been one of the key strengths of the classic Tripod, Atmizoo kept the same general design with only small tweaks. Again focusing on single coil setups, you can see the same high precision large pan head phillips post screws that have been used with its predecessor , conveniently placed rails to capture wire either between rail and screw head / body or around screw body (depending on wire diameter), cut – outs on outer deck rim for easier rebuilding, cut – outs on inner deck rim plus cotton wells to help proper cotton placement and juice distribution along the cotton body and sufficient liquid intake slots on deck sides ( approx. 4.0mm x 2.0mm). 

Keeping and changing for the win
Real time access to deck had to be there, and it’s accomplished in an even smoother way. You can access your deck any time you want and check your build, or even change build without dumping the liquid of your tank.

The big change comes with the real time configuration of the air flow. Atmizoo skipped the outdated adjustment via air flow control ring and decided that the airflow should be regulated in a more straightforward way, right under the coil, through fixed air flow tubes. But this, with the ability to swap air flow tubes any time / real time, keeping the build and the liquid inside the tank absolutely intact. You may dial in your air flow via five pin options, with air hole diameter 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/ 1.5mm/1.8mm respectively, pinned inside a D=4.0mm nest, plus through five air flow tubes with air hole diameter 2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm/4.0mm (last one also serving as pins nest), or use no tube and enjoy a perfect, airy 5.0mm Direct Lung draw. 

These two revolutionary features are achieved by evolving the rotary function of the classic Tripod. The new Tripod 2 Rta has stop points so that the user does not need to look for aligning sings, and included a quick release mechanism that allows the base of the RTA to stay screwed on top of the mod, while the rest of the RTA is released instantly to allow you swap the air flow pins / tubes in a sec.

The Tripod2 will come with two Chimney options out of the box, carefully designed to serve MTL and tight RDL vaping (Restricted Chimney) on the one hand, and loose RDL and open DL (Open Chimney) on the other. After a lot or research, Atmizoo found this to be a simpler design solution, more friendly to the end user compared to the use of reducers, plus the fact that the stock tank capacity 2ml with the Open Chimney on, is increased to a useful 2.8ml when assembling the Restricted Chimney.

An improved Top Cap with start and stop points (no signs to align) makes refilling a piece of cake. It can host any 510 drip tip of your liking without exceptions – that is, apart from the two, bespoke 510 drip tips that will come with the Tripod2 device package, a wide and a narrow version for different vaping styles. 

Features and specs

  • Air flow tuning via five pin options 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/ 1.5mm/1.8mm respectively, pinned inside a D=4.0mm nest, plus through five air flow tubes 2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm/4.0mm. No tube for a perfect airy 5.0mm DL.
  • M2.5mm pan head phillips post screws.
  • Two 510 drip tips (Narrow and Wide), can also host any 510 drip tip.
  • 10.0mm post-to-post space, ~6.6mm post-to-post net space , ~5.8mm coil space.
  • Tank capacity 2ml (Open Chimney) / 2.8ml (Restricted Chimney).
  •  Max. net coiling height ~9.0mm (Open Chimney) / ~5.3mm (Restricted Chimney)
  • Chimney top inner D ~5.0mm (Open Chimney) / ~3.5mm (Restricted Chimney)
  • Height 510 excl., 37.1mm [Drip Tip off] 

Summing up
The usual CNC high precision parts, bespoke silicon gaskets and high quality materials are always there. Fresh ideas and users feedback have come to further improve the classic Tripod design, to a smaller, more efficient and overall better Tripod2. You can’t ask for more from a modern RTA.

The package includes:

Basic Edition

  • 1 x Tripod2 RTA (pre-installed: 1 x Open Chimney, 1 x Nut 5,  1 x 510 Wide Drip Tip, Air Flow Tube 4.0mm)
  • 1 x Set of Spares (2 x Post Screws, 1 x O-rings Kit, 1 x Restricted Chimney, 1 x Nut 3.5,  1 x 510 Narrow Drip Tip, 1 x Tank Body Stock, Phillips Screwdriver Tool)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card


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